CardExchange Ultimate Edition

With the CardExchange™ Producer Ultimate Edition we offer you unlimited access to all available functionality in one edition without any limitations!

Have access to unlimited database server connections, push-and-pull data from database to database, user our powerful native connections for large database servers, but also have access to popular contactless encoding functionality like MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE® DESFire including EV1 support.

Have a need for scanning passports or driver licenses? CardExchange™ Producer Ultimate enables you to store and print any sort of data from these documents.

When you want to use Biometric enrolments, CardExchange™ Producer is the perfect match supporting multiple biometric devices, you can store biometric templates and images. With the powerful verify features you can create secure enrolments.

Unique in this edition of CardExchange™ Producer is the possibility to create your own customization use Phyton scripting language. By means of writing some simple code you are simply able to manipulate your data.

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Product Description

ID Card Production Software

Key features

  • ID Scanner Support for ScanShell
  • Biometric Support for digitalPersona and TOPAZ
  • Login Account Expiration
  • Contactless Encoding Supporting MIFARE Classic 1K & 4K, DESFire EV1, SAM AV2, and HID Prox(read only)
  • Python Scripting Language
  • Active Directory Read and Write (LDAP) “MODULE”
  • Paxton Access Control Integration “MODULE”