CardExchange Professional Edition

If you want to connect to any type of database, our CardExchange™ Producer Professional Edition is the way to go!   With the Professional Edition we offer high speed and secure database connections which enables you to load large amounts of data to your computer in a very short time. Besides supporting direct (native) connections to all large database servers, it also enables you to make database connection using ODBC.   If that is not enough database power, the Professional Edition also features unlimited multiple connections to all your available database servers. With our embedded push-and-pull technology you can store all the data you want in all connected database servers by only pressing the print button!   The CardExchange™ Producer Professional Edition can also automatically print your cards based on changing value in your connected database. Offering Automatic Print Server functionality, it is only a matter of defining your triggers and your cards are produced on demand.   The Professional Edition brings everything to the table that is needed inside a professional organization!

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Product Description

ID Card Production Software

Key features

  • Internal or External MS Access database, MS Excel or CSV
  • Unlimited Card Templates
  • Signature Pad Support
  • Print Production Reports
  • UV Panel Printing
  • Export Card Print Preview as Image File (.jpg, .png, bitmap, etc.)
  • User and Group Profiles (3) with Permissions
  • Unlimited User/Group Profiles with Permissions