Card Printing

PVC cards fulfil ever more and more purposes. From being a loyalty or membership card, to being an event pass or access pass. The uses of these plastic cards are growing exponentially. More than ever, it is important to find someone reliable, who is able to provide these cards printed in a bulk manner with unquestionable quality.
Whether you are looking to have custom finishes on your membership cards printed, or whether you are looking to have your event badges printed with beautiful artwork, we are the foremost specialists of PVC card printing in Singapore. We offer multiple card printing options to allow you the flexibility of designing the perfect card for your use.
Furthermore, our security options even include laminates, customisable holokotes, and holopatches to ensure that any plastic access card printing done will have only the highest levels of security and safety that you are looking for. Feel safe with our state of the art technologies for mass-printing plastic cards for your use.
With all these options, you can feel rest assured that PACLIN will be able to take care of all your card printing needs today!