Paclin At A Glance

For more than two decades, PACLIN has been in the forefront of installing ID systems (such as Magicard Card Printers), designing and supplying membership cards and staff badges, and providing bureau services to retailers, event organisers, schools, private clubs, hotels, government offices, and door access and security related companies. In addition, PACLIN exports bookbinding and laminating equipment to all the ASEAN states, the African continent and distant countries in the Indian Ocean, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.


PACLIN’s reputation as a trusted leader in its field was clearly evident when it secured Exclusive Sole Distributors with open accounts from USA, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Italy and South Korea. It also became the Master Distributor of Magicard printers (UK) in South-East Asia.


PACLIN SINGAPORE is adequately staffed with key personnel in every core discipline of its business. In the company’s relentless pursuit to better meet the needs of its customers, PACLIN MALAYSIA was set up in Kuala Lumpur and Penang in October 1998 and January 2009 respectively. Today, PACLIN serves well over 3,000 active customers with a staff strength of 40 in Singapore and 20 in Malaysia.

A member of:
Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF)
Singapore Security Alliance (SSA)
Security Systems Association of Singapore (SSAS)
The Singapore Booksellers and Stationers Association (SBASA)

The Mission

PACLIN subscribes to the simple philosophy of assisting the business sector in enhancing their corporate image. This is achieved through the use of our quality value-added, highly-secure identification and document presentation systems.

The Brand

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We have 25 years of knowledge and experience in the ID industry.

Every business is important to us and we are focused on developing successful relationships with all customers.

Whatever your requirements are, we offer the very best in quality.

No quantity is too small for us.

We serve well over 3,000 active customers. We are also the Master Distributor for Magicard printers in South-East Asia and Sole Distributor for Unibind products in the Singapore and Malaysia regions.

We are proud to be associated with many high profile nation events, such as National Day Parade (supplying the Committee with security printers, badges and lanyards since Year 2004).